Monitoring Democratic Processes

This program aims to improve the quality of and to increase citizen’s trust in democratic processes in the Republic of Moldova. Under this Program, Promo-LEX observes and monitors electoral processes, sectoral reforms and decision-making processes in the Association’s priority areas.

Monitoring Democratic Processes Program includes:

  • National election monitoring efforts in the Republic of Moldova;
  • Participation in international election monitoring efforts;
  • Opinions on draft laws and regulations on electoral issues;
  • Advocacy on the decision-making processes;
  • Monitoring of institutions, processes and sectoral reforms in the Association’s priority areas;
  • Civic and electoral education campaigns;
  • Maintenance and development of Promo-LEX’s network of observers.

Promo-LEX’s monitoring experience includes long term observation and  E-day observation with quick count of votes, parallel vote tabulation, SMS reporting and observation through mobile teams, as well as monitoring court hearings; activity of public institutions and democratic reforms.